Why Hardknox?

We are a unique and one of a kind facility in Brownsville, Texas. We are a true hardcore, powerlifting, and strongman gym with individuals who compete and who hold state and national records. We have individuals who compete in bodybuilding and figure as well. We have athletes who compete at the high school and collegiate level in various sports.

The greatest part of our facility is that you have a huge range of fitness levels, age levels, and personalties that create a training environment that is very motivating and welcoming.

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Strength & Conditioning

This is our high intensity program that has gotten us to where we are today. This hardknox classic class will combine functional movements - everything from powerlifting, olympic lifting, and metabolic conditioning. A top notch approach to fitness!

Class Time Day
Co-Ed 5:00 AM Monday - Friday
Co-Ed 6:00 AM Monday - Friday
Co-Ed 7:00 AM Monday - Friday
Co-Ed 8:00 AM Monday - Friday
Open Gym 9 AM - 11 AM Monday - Friday
Open Gym 3 PM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday
Co-Ed 5:30 PM Monday - Friday
Co-Ed 6:30 PM Monday - Friday
Co-Ed 8:00 PM Monday - Thursday
Co-Ed 8:00 AM Saturday
Co-Ed 9:00 AM Saturday
Co-Ed 10:00 AM Saturday
Open Gym 8 AM - 11 AM Saturday
Booty Class
Ladies Only
3:00 PM Sunday
Co-Ed 4:00 PM Sunday

HK Fit

This class is a challenging combination of high intensity exercises, barbell movements, gymnastics and cardio. It's guaranteed to push you to your limit under the guidance of our awesome coaches.

Class Time Day
HK Fit 5:00 AM Monday - Friday
HK Fit 4:15 PM Monday - Friday

HK 45

On the go and want to sweat? This is your class!

This is a 45 minute class packed with high intensity at low risk levels. Classes will include the usage of body weight movements, dumbbells/kettlebells, and cardio equipment such as rowers, bikes, sleds and running.

Class Time Day
HK 45 12:00 - 12:45 PM Monday - Friday

Current Rates

  • Must give 30 day notice for cancellation.
  • Monthly - $130
  • Drop In - $15
  • Student Rate - $100
    (Must Show Valid ID)
  • First Responders / Veterans - $115

  • Sessions
    1 Session - $15
    3 Sessions - $39
    5 Sessions - $60
    8 Sessions - $92

  • * All Rates are subject to change without notice


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