hardknox-paintingAs of late I have received numerous questions asking what type of training we do and how our programs are structured. Many people ask whether we are a CrossFit facility. We are not. We are not affiliated with CrossFit in any way. We also get asked if we are a Boot Camp. We are not. With that being said we are not in any way or form against it. Here is how were different: We always perform the Russian KB swing. We don’t swing our KB’s overhead. We don’t teach the kipping pull-up. We always perform strict pull-ups with various grip and loaded variations. We don’t teach the 2 main Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk but we do teach the hang clean and push press. These lifts are used to increase power production and we have done a great job with teaching the two that were mentioned. If anyone has any questions as to why we don’t do the lifts and movements mentioned above you may inbox us for a polite and thorough explanation.

Now how are we different

We develop and write all programs from in-house. We frequently use undulating periodzation for our programming with a huge emphasis on strength and power. Rather then training or programming for endurance we use energy system training. A great level of conditioning can be attained without having to complete long grueling aerobic activity. We also place a huge emphasis on squatting, pressing, and deadlifting on a weekly basis. Will you lose weight with our program? Yes, but with proper nutrition. Will you get stronger? Yes. We are the strongest gym in town. Will you feel and move better? Of course. Will you gain muscle? Yes, but with proper nutrition.

What was listed above is what we do in our large group classes.

We are a unique and one of a kind facility in Brownsville. We are a true hardcore, powerlifting, and strongman gym with individuals who compete and who hold state and national records. We have individuals who compete in bodybuilding and figure as well. We have athletes who compete at the high school and collegiate level in various sports. The greatest part of our facility is that you have a huge range of fitness levels, age levels, and personalties that create a training environment that is very motivating and welcoming.

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Our success lies in the testimonials and results that our members have achieved.

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